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About Us

LPT Management Consultancy (LPT) is an ambitious, innovative company established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, providing wide ranging commercial, financial and management services through its network of local and international associates to companies and individuals wishing to establish a presence in the UAE and offshore locations.

LPT was established in 2012 by its partners, who have experience in business consultancy, investment banking, international trade, and financial brokerage services, to assist their clients exploit the strategic position and rapidly improving financial climate of UAE and Far East (particularly China), and in the longer term of Europe.

LPT will target clients companies and high net worth individuals wishing to take advantage of the favourable UAE business climate and local opportunities to establish a presence in the UAE.

Initially the focus will primarily be on Chinese companies and individuals but within the plan period the service will be expanded to other target countries and jurisdictions, exploiting the favourable global location of UAE between East and West.

List of Jurisdictions we can set up your entities and SPVs:

UAE Seychelles
Hong Kong Cyprus
China Australia BVI
Singapore New Zealand Cayman Island
Malaysia UK Bermuda