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Jurisdictions - Seychelles

Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) do not need to pay any taxes, reasonable and legitimate tax avoidance ; the sale of property available company name ; company established in Seychelles available at the main stock exchange ; registered capital not in place; no exchange controls , to raise funds easily ; do not have to submit its accounts every year ; the government to protect the company's interests , the company will not disclose the identity of the beneficiary ;; political , economic and trade environment is very stable place in the world can open a bank account , the government for the the company offers privacy protection , directors and shareholders of information is absolutely confidential. The local government of directors , shareholders and information companies around the opening of the bank account information is confidential . Seychelles has no exchange controls. Currency rupee exchange rate of 1.00 dollars to 5.00 rupees.

Seychelles company registration conditions and processes

1. The eligibility criteria

A one or more shareholders of at least 18 years old ( can be any nationality of individuals or groups ) ; intends to use the company name ; basic information on all directors and shareholders (including the address , nationality, ID card or passport ) ; allotment ratio ( if more than one shareholder ).

2. Legal secretary and registered address

Limited government regulations must provide registered address ( and this address must be located in the Seychelles ) ; government regulations Seychelles company must have a legal secretary , if necessary, legal secretary and registered address provided by the company . Legal secretary and registered address of the company , the first year free of charge. From the second year , legal secretary and registered address of the two services will be charged accordingly , a one-year pay.

3. Shareholders and directors

AG shareholders are investors , directors are elected by the shareholders , is the company's managers, Seychelles companies need at least one of the shareholders and directors (which may be the same person as ) , shareholders and directors may be of any nationality or legal entity natural person and does not have to live in the Seychelles. Meanwhile , before the establishment of the company must first determine the shareholders, directors, and arrange a good proportion of the shares of each shareholder.

4. Registered capital

Seychelles company registered capital of US $ Standard (US $) 100,000. Registered capital need in place.

5. The stock issuance

Shares authorities permit issued by the Company include registered shares , bearer shares, no par value shares, preference shares, with or without redemption of shares and voting rights attached to the shares , authorized share capital of the company's international business is generally one hundred thousand dollars, shares with par value of the shares, while the authorized share capital of 100,000 dollars of the company's annual license fee minimum of one hundred and ten dollars. Par value shares can be in any currency , issued share capital must be at least an annual general meeting , but not necessarily a public meeting held in the tongue ear plugs can reveal the telephone or other electronic means , the International Business Companies do not have to save any annual reports , accounting records or financial statements , nor any obligation to register changes in directors or officers ( after the initial or continued ) in.

6. Select the name

selected name can not be registered with the same name or too similar. Offshore company name must be " Limited " at the end , such as : LIMITED, CORPORATION, INCORPORATED, SociétéAnonyme (SA) * or their abbreviations , such as : LTD, CORP, BV, GmbH, SARL , as the end of the word and so on . Company Name can not " trust " or "bank" or associated with the Seychelles government or insurance terms end , unless these companies to apply for the relevant license additional lines . Companies can choose any language name. However , if the choice of English or French name of a third language , the name must be added in English or French translation . Seychelles registered company name in English can be contained in the company's registration certificate.

7. Trade restrictions

Not registered to operate or own real estate . We can not carry on banking , insurance , guarantees, heavy insurance, fund management, asset management (other than the company's own assets) or related industry and the banking or insurance industries. Seychelles International Business Companies can not set the registration office facilities tongue ear plugs or sell shares in its public.

8. Processing procedures

Power of attorney signed an agreement delivery of the deposit to the government departments to complete the formalities * 21 working days for completion of the signing of legal documents * * handover. Green Box can be sent directly to your location );

9. Seychelles company registration services

Certificate of Incorporation , Articles of Association , the company's stock , directors and shareholders , the statutory meeting of the company records , company signature stamp , the company symbol, a black box to store these documents and use of the items .

10. Payment

Standard offer half as a deposit , the balance paid after the registration is completed . Registered capital of stamp duty in full in advance ; welcome by cash, debit , wire transfer , check or promissory note payment to an account in Hong Kong or the mainland we specify.

11. The processing time

To complete all formalities will take about 10-21 days. At the latest not more than 21 working days. Company names containing Chinese pay more 2-3 working days ; buy a shelf company : 2-5 working days.

Our services include offshore company formation in British Virgin Islands and subsequent management and administration of such companies, including services of the Registered Agent, provision of the registered address, third-party directorship and company management services, shareholders, services, virtual office and secretarial services, bank account introductions, custody of documents and corporate searches, preparation of corporate and business documentation and general administration.

Seychelles company Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can register a company in the Seychelles ?

A: The people of any nationality can be registered in the Seychelles. As long as people aged 18 years or over 18 years old are eligible to apply for registration Seychelles company and became a director of the company. Seychelles company does not need verification and registration , so regardless of whether the customer funds , whether there is business space as long as 18 years of age can register Seychelles .

Q : Seychelles company registration verification or not ?

A: The registered capital of the company without capital registered in the Seychelles and in place, nor the minimum capital requirements, and registration of foreign companies without the funds hit a year do not need verification .

Q: How many shareholders or directors of a company to be set up in Seychelles ?

A: The directors and shareholders of a minimum of one each . Directors and officers are not required as shareholders, and the shareholders , directors and officers can be of any nationality and may be residents of any country.

Q: Can the Chinese company name registered in the Seychelles ?

A: Yes, but also the Chinese name contained in the certificate of incorporation .

Q: What is the company name registration Seychelles restrictions ?

A: There is no limit Seychelles registered company name , you can choose whatever you like company names, company names may be groups, companies, universities, colleges , research institutes , associations , shops , factories and so any name. And some words are restricted in the country can be used in the Seychelles , for example : International , United , Universal, federation , league , union, associations, foundations and the like.

Q: The business scope of the company registered in Seychelles What are the limits ?

A: Seychelles on the company 's business scope is almost no limit , in addition to limiting individual industries, such as banking, insurance , and military . Such as electronics, chemicals, machinery , instruments , textiles and clothing , decoration , jewelry, finance, medicine , shipping, transportation , import and export trade , real estate , construction, information , networking, travel , college, cultural and publishing , associations, research Some clinics and other high-tech industries are allowed to operate in .

Q: After the founding Co. in Seychelles , a year what to do?

A: The annual return must be furnished annually to the Seychelles Companies Registry and pay an annual fee .

Q: How long you will need to register a new company in Seychelles ?

A : Usually it takes 15 to 30 days , a new company that is able to operate the Seychelles .

Q: What Seychelles company registration fees include ?

A : HKBSS Seychelles registered agent 's fee includes : registration certificate , articles of association , the legal record of the meeting , the stock of this , seal , signature chapter , appointment of directors , directors and shareholders.

Q: I set up the company for the purpose of Seychelles to the mainland sponsor foreign joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises , the company's shareholders Seychelles Can all Mainland residents ?

A: You can select with HKBSS trust services , agency directors provided shareholders and proxy is a good way to solve the above problems. Acting Director of shareholders and proxy service which has the advantage of holding someone 's name will be kept confidential , can be directly or indirectly participating company's operations , some multiple roles or who have a conflict of interest is a very convenient service arrangements.

Q: What if the event of bad business , the company suspended the application must be how much to pay each year?

A: Seychelles company can apply for a temporary suspension of business, in addition to the annual fees paid by the Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue annual fee , you do not need to pay for other aspects . If the market turns for the better , the company can always be reused. This can save a lot of costs.

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