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Jurisdictions - St. Vincent

The State of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines hereinafter called SVG consists of a group of 18 Islands known as the Windward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean approximately 97 km north of Grenada.

Infrastructure and Economy

There is an excellent daily air service between the Islands and the USA. Cruise ships call in regularly to the Islands and more than 200,000 tourists visited the islands in 2008. Economic growth reached 7% in 2006. The International Financial Services Authority (IFSA), (previously the Offshore Finance Authority) was created by Parliament to institute a system to manage and supervise the financial services industry. In 2003 SVG was granted a clean bill of health by the FATF, putting its offshore economy on a more stable footing and enabling steady growth in the industry.

Type of Law

Common Law, based on English Common Law.

Principal Corporate Legislation

• The Company Act, No 18 of 1996

• The International Business Companies (Amendment and Consolidation) Act 2007 and its regulations.

SAINT VINCENT Company Information

Type of company for international Trade and Investment

The International Business Company (IBC)

Procedure to Incorporate

By Submission of:

• Articles of Incorporation and by-laws nominating the first directors (and optionally a secretary)

• details of the situation of the Registered Office and Agent

• details of the currency of the capital, authorized capital and type of shares

• Name approval certificate

• Certificate of compliance issued by the Registered Agent or Solicitor confirming that the requirements of the act have been complied with.

• Two types of Incorporation Certificate are available, namely with our without the director’s name displayed.

Restrictions on Trading

Cannot trade within SVG. Cannot undertake banking or insurance activities. Cannot solicit funds from the public nor offer its shares to the public.

Powers of Company

An International Business Company has the full capacity of, and all rights, powers, and privileges of, a natural person.


An IBCs is exempt from all taxes for twenty-five years.

Our services include offshore company formation in St. Vincent and subsequent management and administration of such companies, including services of the Registered Agent, provision of the registered address, third-party directorship and company management services, shareholders, services, virtual office and secretarial services, bank account introductions, custody of documents and corporate searches, preparation of corporate and business documentation and general administration.

Our clients are private entrepreneurs as well as professional intermediaries such as tax consultants, financial advisors, accountants and lawyers. Our client base is purely global, reflecting on the worldwide popularity and recognition of St. Vincent as an offshore tax haven. we provide our clients with local expertise in conjunction with a global perspective, supported by more than 10 years experience in the offshore financial services business.

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