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Jurisdictions - UAE


UAE is the only country in the Middle East where a big number of Free Trade Zones and Free Industrial Zones are available for investors who wish to gain more from their investment. The first Free Zone formed was Jebel Ali , Dubai, in 1985 which witnessed a tremendous growth in the years to come by way of increased number of investors. Many have established their offices, factories or warehouses and invested millions which in turn had given them huge returns from the UAE Free Zones. That is precisely the reason why even more foreign investors are being attracted nowadays to the UAE Free Zones.

Currently, over 12.000 companies, many of which being major brands, operate under the UAE Free Zones Authority.

For individuals:

  • A detailed CV
  • Two original bank or professional references
  • A certified true copy and true likeness of the passport (certification by a Louvre Group senior manager, lawyer, notary public or chartered accountant is acceptable)
  • Two original or certified true copies of proof of address (not more than three months old; must show a physical residential address)
  • A signed "Client Information Sheet"

(FYI, please note that DFSA regulations require us to perform ongoing due diligence, and updated information and a new signed Client Information Sheet will be requested once a year.)

For Corporate Shareholders (please note, neither jurisdiction permits Corporate Directors):

- certified and notarized by the local UAE Embassy:

a) Memorandum & Articles of Association

b) Certificate of Incorporation

c) Board Resolution/Power of Attorney to form the new company

d) Certificate of Good Standing

e) Original Bank reference

Similarly, our regulations also require we obtain individual due diligence on the Shareholders (of more than 5%), and Directors of any Corporate Shareholder.