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Engineering Universities China

    1 Qingdao Technological University

      Computer Science and Technology-(duration: 4 years) 16000CNY/YEAR

      Architecture-(duration: 5 years) 16000CNY/YEAR

      Hostel Fee: 6,000RMB/YEAR(3 persons share a room)

    2 Changsha University of Science & Technology

      Civil Engineering-(duration: 4 years) 16000CNY/YEAR

      Electric Engineering and Automation -(duration: 4 years) 16000CNY/YEAR

      Electronic Information Engineering-(duration: 4 years) 16000CNY/YEAR

      5000RMB/YEAR( two persons share a room)

    3 South China University of Technology

      Computer Engineering-(duration: 4 years) 25000CNY/YEAR

      E-Business-(duration: 4 years) 25000CNY/YEAR

      Hospitality Tourism Management-(duration: 4 years) 25000CNY/YEAR

      International Economics and Trade-(duration: 4years) 25000CNY/YEAR

      Hostel Fee:

      9000 RMB/ YEAR(single room)

      5000RMB/YEAR( two persons share a room)

      2800RMB/YEAR( 4 persons share a room)

    4 Shandong Science & Technological University

      Telecom Engineering-(duration: 4 years) 16000CNY/YEAR

      Mechatronic Engineering-(duration: 4 years) 16000CNY/YEAR

      Chemical Engineering--(duration: 4 years) 16000CNY/YEAR

      Hostel Fee: 12,000 RMB/ YEAR(single room)

      6500RMB/YEAR( two persons share a room)

      4400RMB/YEAR( 3 persons share a room)

    5 Harbin Engineering University

      Electric Engineering and Automation -(duration: 4 years) 15000CNY/YEAR

      Civil Engineering-(duration: 4 years)15000CNY/YEAR

      Hostel Fee:

      6000 RMB/ YEAR(single room)

      3600RMB/YEAR( two persons share a room)

    6 Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)

      Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering-(duration: 4 years) 18000CNY/YEAR

      Mechanical Engineering-(duration: 4 years) 18000CNY/YEAR

      Software Engineering-(duration: 4 years) 18000CNY/YEAR

      International Business-(duration: 4 years) 18000CNY/YEAR

      Hostel Fee:

      8000RMB/YEAR ( single room )

      4000RMB/YEAR ( two persons share a room )